The new description form pulls options from the windowsticker.pdf provided by Chrysler. These options are then organized by priority (0-4). Premium features are given 4 priority, while less major options are given lower numbers. A priority of 0 will not be displayed.

Because this application lists all possible options for a vehicle, it is necessary to delete the ones that have been replaced by upgrades or removed. Double check the window sticker, photos, DealerConnect, or the OEM website to determine what features are actually installed, and delete those which are not. Additionally, options which have not been added to the database will be shown in the space below the main description body. Until these are added to the database, they must be manually added to the description. When manually adding options, the markup <font color="e3e3e3">,</font><br> must be included at the end of the line to remain consistent with the rest of the description.

After the description has been reduced to only contain options actually present on the vehicle, copy the entire block as HTML into the custom comments of the dealer.com listing.


The used description form pulls the make, model, trim, and other relevant information from a used vehicle's carfax report. It also retreives the vehicle's estimated remaining warranty. It is up to the user to accurately fill in the rest of the information on the form.

The description will not display until the mileage has been entered. To be as accurate as possible, the current mileage should be taken from the photo of the odometer (not what is listed on dealer.com or elsewhere. If there is any information missing from the carfax report, it will be displayed in a red notification box. This information must be filled in before the description can be posted. You may be able to find the missing information by checking Dealer.com, Reynolds, or by looking up the vehicle online. In some cases, there will be an alert box asking if the vehicle has a Cummins or Hemi engine. Always double check to make sure that this is the case. While rare, there are some cases where the algorithm can be mistaken.

For non FCA diesel vehicles, the engine type may be manually entered into the engine field, following the displacement and cylinder count which is already filled in. I.E. 6.4L V8 Power Stroke Diesel.

In the case of trucks, the cab field must be filled before the long bed or DRW options will show in the description. All trucks are classified as one of the following cab types:

  • Regular
  • Extended
  • Quad (Dodge/Ram only)
  • Crew
  • Mega (Dodge/Ram only)

If the form does not properly fill the values from carfax, it may be required to activate the vehicle on carfax. If this still does not alleviate the issue, then values must be manually filled in. There are some rare cases with salvage title vehicles or older units where the script will not be able to parse the carfax report.

After the description has been updated to contain all options visible on the vehicle, copy the entire block as HTML into the custom comments of the dealer.com listing.

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Hiroshi Suda